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Meet the Photographer

Welcome to my website! I'm Kholood Almutlaq,  a seasoned professional photographer specializing in headshots. With a rich experience spanning back to 2004, I've had the privilege of capturing countless individuals at their best.

Throughout the years, I've refined my craft, developing a keen eye for detail and an ability to capture the unique essence of each individual. My goal is to create headshots that not only showcase your physical features but also convey your personality and professional brand.

I understand the importance of a great headshot in today's digital world. Whether you're an actor, a business professional, or a model, a powerful headshot can make a lasting impression and open doors to new opportunities. That's why I'm dedicated to working closely with my clients, ensuring that we achieve the perfect look and feel for your headshot.

In addition to my specialization in headshots, I've also had the privilege of photographing newborns and children. These sessions are particularly close to my heart, as I get to capture the innocence, joy, and beauty of these little ones. It's a rewarding experience to freeze those precious moments in time, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

I invite you to explore my portfolio, where you can see examples of my work. If you're ready to take your headshot to the next level or capture the innocence of your newborn or child, I would be delighted to work with you. Contact me today to schedule a session, and let's create stunning photographs that reflect your unique personality and style.



since 2004

About Cattleya Studio

Photography is our passion. Established in 2004, cattleya studio has been at the forefront of the digital photography industry in Riyadh. Over the years, our studio has flourished, becoming a renowned brand name synonymous with quality and excellence.

We have had the privilege of serving clients from diverse sectors. From weddings to fashion shows, outdoor/indoor events, and birthdays, we have witnessed and captured countless special moments. Our expertise spans a wide range of photography needs, making us a versatile and reliable choice for clients across various industries.

Our mission is simple: to capture the moment and transform it into a lasting memory. We understand the profound significance of preserving cherished moments, and we are dedicated to delivering images that evoke emotions and stand the test of time. With our skill and creativity, we ensure that each photograph reflects the essence and uniqueness of the occasion it represents.

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